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The Conference of Religious, India, which was established in 1963, has been accomplishing the task of animation of religious congregations.  The CRI launched into a new phase of re-vitalization since 1962 National CRI Assembly in Calcutta.  This re-vitalization of CRI was a felt need in the context of the changing realities of India, so that the prophetic role and response of religious congregations may become more concrete.  This has led to a more participatory approach at the regional and local levels.  Besides the role of animation, the CRI is called upon to respond to relevant issues more effectively at the regional and local levels.  Every religious congregation is called to give a prophetic response to today’s Indian Context and major superiors have a vital role to play in extending their leadership beyond the confines of their particular congregations.  They together with the members of their congregations need to work in collaboration with other Religious Congregations / Societies, the local bishops, diocesan priests and laity in working for the spiritual and moral awakening of the Indian masses and work for the uplift of the marginalized, oppressed and the poor.


The re-organized structure of CRI at local and regional levels offers more possibilities of working for creating a society where kingdom values of love, justice, equality, freedom and peace are lived and catering to smaller priority groups and in the local context on specific issues.  Our prophetic presence at local levels can be a credible sign of our option to be on the side of the poor, oppressed and marginalized groups.  The decentralization of the administrative structures of the National CRI as well as the inter-dependence between each level give a wider scope for major superiors to exercise prophetic leadership in the context of India today.


Regional CRI is an affiliate of the National CRI.  Due to problems of distance and for better functioning, the Regional CRI may organize itself into sub-zones having their own Executive Council and periodic meetings.  The Local CRI is an affiliate of the Regional CRI.  Local CRI may organize itself into sub-units with each sub-unit having its own Executive Council and periodic meetings but meet at least once a year as Local Unit.  These sub-units follow the same statutes and guidelines.


The statutes of the National CRI were revised and approved by National CRI Assembly in the year 2003.  The same was confirmed by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life, Rome in the same year.  The Statutes of Regional and Local Units of CRI are hereby updated and made in conformity with the Statutes of the National CRI.

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