CRI National Assembly 2020   |  Assembly of Major Superiors - updated on March 20, 2020.

Date & Time:
09:00 a.m. on Saturday the 02nd of May, 2020
01:00 p.m. on Wednesday the 06th of May, 2020

The 2020 Assembly lasts 4 1/2 days this time
(instead of the usual 3 1/2) since one day will be devoted to Sectional Assemblies (of Sisters, Brothers and Priests).
There will also be one session for meeting regionwise.

Venue: Dharmaram-Christ University
Bhavani Nagar, S.G. Palya,
Bengaluru, KARNATAKA 560 029
CRI NATIONAL ASSEMBLY 2020 Registration Form -   /  

- January 18, 2020 - Assembly 2020    
- March 20, 2020 - POSTPONED    

    Airport to fly to: Bangalore (now called Kempegowda Airport).
    Railway station to alight in: Bangalore City, or Cantonment, or Yeshwantpur (depending on the train).
    Bus: Some buses go right in front of Christ University. Others to the main bus terminals of Bangalore.
    Finding your venue will not be a problem, since it is well known, and located in the heart of the city. Besides, with smart phones and Google Maps, finding a venue is child's play today.

As for the registration, please note:

  1. The Registration Form : You will notice that we have individually filled in most of the relevant information about you and your Congregation; this will spare you time and trouble. You need to fill in only a few details. We are sending you this letter both by email and in hard copy, to make sure that every Major Superior gets it, in one form or the other or both. If you get the printed invitation, but not the email, send an email with your CRI Code, and we shall send you the soft copy. The Registration Form is also uploaded on our website ( So, in case you lose or misplace this letter, you can download it from there, and send your registration.
  2. Substitutes : In case you are unable to come, please send a substitute, as follows: In the case of a Superior General, the substitute must be a member of the General Council, preferably the Assistant General; in the case of a provincial, the substitute must be a member of the provincial council, preferably the vice-provincial.
  3. The Registration Form includes also an invitation to send a contribution for a one-page ad in MAGNET, which is our common venture (and, you will be happy to know, much appreciated and rated highly by experts). This is not an essential part of your registration, of course. It is an invitation to support OUR national publication, if you think it worthwhile. [Recently, an experienced editor said in public that he considers MAGNET the best Catholic Magazine not only in India, but in the whole of Asia.]
  4. Please send the form filled in even if you are not attending. This helps us keep your information updated in our records, so that we can send correct and up-to-date information to the Nuncio and to the Vatican.
  5. Why not NEFT: Please send your payment by DD or multi-city cheque. If you send it by NEFT, and don't follow it up with an email giving us the details of payment, we will not be able to identify your payment.

Fee & Payment:

  1. Registration Fee for the Assembly: Rs 7,000/- (Rupees Seven Thousand only).
    Payments (by DD in favour of Conference of Religious India payable at New Delhi; or Multi-city Cheque).

    Post the completed Registration Form & DDs / Cheques to:
              The National Secretary
              CRI HOUSE, Masihgarh,
              New Friends Colony PO,
              New Delhi 110025
              Phones: 011-269 239 11, 95 9955 3824;

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