Government Notice on FCRA - November, 2018

Received from Mr. Martin Pinto CA, an experienced Auditor who is in touch with the latest developments. It is a recent directive from the government about FCRA accounts. It is in your interest to (download and) read it, check where you stand on this point, and take any steps you may need to. His letter to me says:
"In a latest development the Ministry of Home affairs has issued a Show cause Notice to 1,775 organisations who have been asked to show cause for non-filing of accounts. If they do not respond to this Notice their FCRA could be cancelled. I am enclosing the Notice and the list please circulate this list to all your members to check if any of them or the Organisations they know are, in the list in order to take timely action in this matter. The easiest way to check is Open the file type Cntrl+F a small window will open where the name of the Organisation or State could be typed."

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