Self-Care  |  15 Mini-Seminars

04 to 14 hours (half-a-day to two days)

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Self-care is essential for our happiness and for being effective care-givers.
This one-day mini-seminar gives practical tips on self-care in five areas, namely:

  1. Body: How to be responsible about food, exercise, hygiene, rest and medication.
  2. Mind: The incredible potential of the human mind; how to cultivate a superpower memory; multiple intelligences; how to keep mentally fit.
  3. Emotions: How to be emotionally alive and balanced; how to manage “negative emotions” (anger, jealousy, fear, sadness); healthy integration of sexual feelings; how to take decisions.
  4. Relationships: Relationships as the key factor in happiness and health; how to relate; three things to avoid.
  5. Inner journey: Our relationship with God is our greatest source of strength and peace. Jesus and model and norm. Spiritual helps for a happy life.

CRI Programmes chart



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