Report on the 49th AGBM

Dear Executive Members of ATRCRI and Major Superiors of ATRCRI,

The 49th AGBM of ATRCRI was held at our secretariat, Jeevan Jyothi Campus, on 14th and 15th July. It began with a prayer service conducted by SAP sisters followed by lighting the lamp by the presidents and secretaries of LCRI units. The President formally welcomed one and all. Sr. Innamma Yeruva, JMJ the former national president of CRI women’s wing and now the elected General Animator of the congregation of JMJ was the chief guest at this inaugural session and highlighted the theme “The apostolic challenges of religious in a changing socio-political context.” The regional executive secretary then briefed about the facilities and the two days programme.

In the second session, Fr. Denzil Fernandes the Director of Indian Social Institute Delhi led us through his erudite and inspirational talk, to understand the global, south Asian and Indian socio-political context and the challenges faced currently and will be faced in the future. In the third session, the participants are divided into ten groups of twelve and discussed the four questions given by Fr. Denzil for reflection and discussion. The group discussion was participatory and lively. Each group presented their reports in the third session after lunch. Based on the group reports, seven major points were suggested for the consideration of the major superiors and executive members to prepare the action plan. At the end of the session, the superiors and heads of institutions of the LCRI units of Hyderabad left for their respective destinations after tea. In the fourth session, the presidents and secretaries of eight LCRI units (Adilabad, Kurnool, Warangal, Guntur, Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada and Nellore) presented their reports for the year 2017-18. The reports were inspiring and enriching to everyone. It was expressed that the reports from the absent LCRI units also should be collected and they should be asked to attend the AGBM without fail. The day ended with the mass celebrated by Fr. Sudhakar, SDB.

The second day was only for the major superiors, their representatives and the executive members of ATRCRI. It began with a prayer service conducted by CSA sisters which included a beautiful dance of their students invoking the blessings of the Lord. The seven major points suggested for the preparation of the action plan, were taken up one by one and the following concrete action plan for the year July 2018 – June 2019 was made:

1. Rights based education

(i) All institutions will introduce Human Rights education in high schools in Andhra and Telangana.

(ii) Books on human rights education is available at IDEAS, Madurai, AIACHE Bangalore and SDB Centre Ravulapalem are available. One of these books could be made use of in our schools and colleges.

Education commissions in Telangana and Andhra regions could analyze the books and decide on implementation of human rights education. Local CRI unit of Hyderabad will take the responsibility of getting these books and distributing to the institutions. Persons in charge of this task are Fr. Sudhakar SDB, Sr. Alphonsa SCCG and Fr. Amalraj sj.

(iii) LCRI Units will choose the group of trainers and organize training programmes to instruct the teachers how to use the material. Fr. Sudhakar SDB needs to be contacted for resource persons for these training programme as the SDBs have the trainers.

2. Interreligious dialogue

(i) All institutions will celebrate the festivals of different faiths by (a) explaining significance of these festivals of other religions, and (b) reading the Scriptures of other religions,

(ii) All institutions will endeavour to create an ambience of interreligious acceptance in their own creative way. (e.g. Giving space for spiritual encounter with symbols, scriptural quotations of different religions)

3. Constitutional awareness and education

(i) All Institutions will display the preamble of the Constitutions, Fundamental Rights and Duties in institutions.

(ii) All institutions will have celebration of the Constitution day on 26th November or Constitution Week on 27-30 January or on any other suitable day/s with co-curricular activities like elocution, essay-writing, quiz, debating, drawing competition, lectures, etc. Efforts will also be made to bring about awareness in the students of how the constitutions are violated.

(iii) Use CBCI module for Constitutional education in our institutions.

4. Solidarity with the victims of injustice irrespective of their faith

(i) LCRI units will plan how to network with different groups in society and plan what we can do for justice to the victims.

5. Promoting lay leadership

(i) Local CRI in Andhra and Telangana will identify Christian professionals and organize a meeting with them to explore how they could exercise leadership in the Church.

(ii) Fr. Vijay Bhaskar, SDB Provincial will identify leadership/Civil Services training programmes in the region and circulate the information to all LCRI Units. They could also explore cadre building programmes by Indian Social Institute, Bangalore.

(iii) Schools could introduce career guidance for the catholic students. People in civil services could be invited to address our students to inspire them to choose this path.

6. Networking and Collaboration with others

(i) LCRI units could prepare a contact list of catholic, protestant and other like-minded non-Christian groups to network and collaborate in the field of education, health and social services.

7. Peace-building

(i) All institutions will form Peace clubs of children and youth that reflect on peace and harmony. Various programmes like tree-planting, discussions on peace... etc. could be organized by the peace clubs in our educational institutions.

The above plan of action was accepted and approved by all. We request all the major superiors and presidents and secretaries of LCRI units to communicate this plan to their members and translate them into action.

The regional executive secretary presented the annual report of the 48th AGBM and other works carried out by ATRCRI from July 2017 to June 2018. Some minor corrections were proposed to the report and the report was approved by all present. Then the regional executive secretary presented the audited financial report of the financial year 2017-18 and the proposed budget for 2018-19. The economic spending during the year 2017-18 was appreciated and the auditor’s statement and the proposed budget were approved. The assembly also approved the amount that will be allotted for ATRCRI by the Jeevan Jyothi Trust for the construction of the part of the compound wall of Jeevan Jyothi complex to be added to the budget of 2018-19.

After the coffee break, all the members met again for the election of the new executive members. The proposed resignation of the president was rejected and Fr. Amalraj, sj was unanimously requested to continue as President for another year. Bro. K. M. Joseph SG, Sr. Ernestine SAP and Sr. Leonie SSA were elected in the place of Bro. Prathap SG, Sr. Showrilu SAP and Sr.Chinnamma Oss. In the place of Fr. Antony Joseph SVD the assembly asked the chairman to contact Fr. Benny of the Missionaries of the Compassion and get his acceptance. The assembly felicitated Fr. Amalraj, sj for his 60 years in the Society of Jesus. He thanked all the members for their collaboration, cooperation and support to ATRCRI during the past year. He also thanked the outgoing executive members and welcomed the new ones. As president, Fr. Amalraj briefed the role of the commission and the animators. It was decided that Sr. Ernestine, SAP will be the animator of the education commission of Andhra and Sr. Suman and Fr. Sudhakar SDB will be the animators of the medical and disaster commission respectively in Telangana respectively.

The members discussed about the golden jubilee of ATRCRI and the 50th AGBM. It was decided that the golden jubilee of ATRCRI will be held at Hyderabad and the executive committee will decide the date as per the convenience of the Bishops of TCBC. It was also decided that the 50th AGBM meeting will be held at Vijayawada. The date will be decided by the executive committee. It was also decided that a special committee will be formed to plan the jubilee of ATRCRI. All are requested to give their full support to make the two functions a great success. Fr. Amalraj, sj said the concluding mass and declared 49th AGBM closed.

I am happy that I could send this quick report for your information. I sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the success of the 49th AGBM.

Sr. Mary Joseph, SAP
Regional Executive Secretary, ATRCRI.

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